Flagship projects - „Prioritized measures and activities“

LeuchtturmImplementation of regional trainings for economic alliances and enterprises from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia in the context of the program “Employment of young women through applied Gender Diversity management in business companies (GDM)” in March 2016 to anchor and diffuse the Gender Diversity Management approach. Through agreements (MoUs) with at      least four economic and staff alliances, partnerships for a sustainable implementation of the GDM-approach will be established. Furthermore, GDM-projects will be agreed upon with 13 enterprises within the scope of integrated development partnerships (iEPW).

LeuchtturmAll women and girls, who have received vocational training through BMZ-financed measures in our cooperation countries, are captured in a baseline as of 2015. The measurement of our progress until 2030 will be based on this data.

LeuchtturmLaunch of the new project “Qualification of women in the agriculture and nutrition sector in Africa”
(EUR 14 Mio.) in the context of the established German engagement to promote pan-African reform processes in the promotion of the agricultural sector (NEPAD/CAADP).

For further information about any of the flagship projects mentioned here, please contact us at gender@giz.de.

*The English version of the 2016 flagship projects provided here is not an official translation.