Flagship projects - „Prioritized measures and activities“


Development of gender- & context-sensitive standards for the responsible contact with traumatized women and men who have experienced particularly severe violence in the scope of the regional program “Psychosocial Support for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees and Internally Displaced People”. For this purpose we brought together state and civil-society actors and organizations in the region and in Germany.


Start of the new “Initiative for the empowerment of Syrian civil society, women and municipal actors” to improve the living conditions in the context of the ongoing crisis and to support the future reconstruction. The equal participation of female decision-makers in these processes is strengthened by specific assistance measures and the development of a platform for exchange of experiences and information.

For further information about any of the flagship projects mentioned here, please contact us at gender@giz.de.

*The English version of the 2016 flagship projects provided here is not an official translation.