Gender Pays Off

Gender equality is key to achieving sustainable development and is a quality feature of GIZ’s work.

The GIZ Gender Strategy is based on five complementary strategic elements:

  • Political will and accountability: Managers clearly demonstrate their support for the issue of gender equality and follow up the implementation of the strategy. 
  • Corporate culture: Patterns of behaviour and codes of conduct that help ensure gender equality are established within the company. 
  • Gender equality within the company: The company ensures that men and women work together on equal terms and that there is a balanced gender ratio across all hierarchical levels and fields of responsibility within the company. 
  • Gender competence: GIZ staff is informed and educated about imbalances in gender relations and knows ways of correcting these. 
  • Processes: Procedures and instruments are gender-sensitive, especially in relation to commission management and quality management.
The Gender strategy is a mandatory framework and manifests the goal of promoting gender equality throughout GIZ and its employees, as well as throughout contracts and commissions as well as services delivered.