Action Plan on Gender Equality 2016–2020 (GAP II)

In its second Development Policy Action Plan on Gender Equality 2016–2020 (GAP II) the BMZ has committed to increasing its promotion of gender equality and the enforcement of women’s rights. Through GAP II the BMZ is actively and measurably contributing to the achievement of global targets such as those set in the 2030 Agenda and to implementation of the commitments which the G7 entered into at the 2015 Summit in Elmau.

  • The measures set out in GAP II cover nine sector-specific issues: access to justice and political participation; rural development, agriculture and food security; prevention of violence against women and girls; protecting women and girls in armed conflict, peacekeeping and displacement; education; gainful employment and economic empowerment; health; water and sanitation; climate change and sustainable development.
  • Seven cross-sectoral activities serve to boost the impact of the measures implemented in regard to the sector-specific issues: cooperation with men; tackling multiple discrimination; gender equality in development financing; empowering women and girls through sport; gender competence and knowledge management; measures to implement the gender approach; and strengthening women’s organisations.