Monitoring the Implementation of the Law Against Domestic Violence

According to estimations, every other women in Honduras is or will become a victim of mental, physical or sexual violence. Domestic violence is still seen as a private affair by most of the population and treated as a trivial offence by courts. Lack of awareness about the formal rights and a male bias in the legal system hinder the implementation of the existing law against domestic violence. The Centro de Derechos de la Mujer (CDM) accompanied victims of violence to court and evaluated and documented their experiences. Based on these documents, guidelines for lawyers were developed.

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Using Natural Resources Sustainably

A gender analysis revealed the low participation in a programme on the sustainable use of natural resources in Honduras. With the advice and support of GTZ, rules and fields of activities of the programme were adapted: for example, working and meeting hours were adapted according to women’s needs. The identification of new products, such as a tasty, vitamin rich flour made from the seed of the bread nut tree or the revival of an ancestral craft made from a tree bark, facilitates the participation of women. Today nearly 40 per cent of participants are women.

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