Supporting Political Participation of Women

By law, one third of all seats in municipal and district parliaments in India must be held by women. However, many of the elected women are too shy vis-a-vis their male colleagues and do not have sufficient knowledge about the procedures and policies to make use of their political room for manoeuvre. With support of GIZ, the NGO Swayam Shikshan Prayog (Self Education for Empowerment) offers regular practical trainings for the elected women and facilitates continuous exchange between the women and women groups. The result is an increased participation of women in the political process on local level.


Raising Awareness through a Music Video on Violence against Women

map_2_0_6.jpgThe song “Mann ke Manjeeré” was a number one hit: It was on top of the MTV-Charts for five months. In addition, it won the 2001 Indian Screen Award and was nominated as the best Indipop music video for the MTV Award. Song and music clip were developed by the GIZ-supported NGO “Breakthrough” in cooperation with popular Indian singers as a part of a multimedia campaign on HIV/AIDS. The song, dealing with HIV and violence against women, reached more than 26 million households and triggered a broad public debate on the issue.

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