Analysing Budgets from a Gender Perspective

Public spending and revenue-raising patterns often affect women and men differently due to their social roles and responsibilities. Many public spending decisions are even harmful to women, particularly poor women. The Government of Kenya has therefore committed to gender responsive budgeting. GIZ has initiated budget analyses from a gender perspective and training sessions for stakeholder from the agricultural and health sector and public finance. A network composed of governmental and non-governmental actors was established, which meets regularly and fosters exchange through a web-based platform. A practical guide was developed for gender mainstreaming in public budgeting processes. Additional sectors will be analysed in 2010.

Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Supervision of Sexual Offenders

Men learning how to prevent gender based violenceImpunity for sexual offences is among the main challenges to the prevention of gender-based violence in Kenya. The Kenya Demographic Health Survey reported that 39% of Kenyan women experience some sort of gender-based violence throughout their lives. Sexual violence comprised 6.1% of all crimes reported to the police between 2009 and 2011. As victims and perpetrators of violence often resume living in the same community after the offender has finished his sentence, the GIZ Good Governance Programme under Specific Consideration for Access to Justice for Victims of Gender-based Violence supports Kenyan Prison and Probation Services with the management of sexual offenders. Aiming to reduce sexual re-offending, tools for identifying high risk offenders have been developed in order to provide the offenders with effective interventions during and after their prison sentences. Reintegration and supervision mechanisms are established on community level to reduce sexual re-offending by mitigating the isolation and rejection offenders often face, thereby creating a safer environment for survivors of gender-based violence and whole communities.

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