Integrating Gender into Good Governance

Advertisement calling for women's political empowerment.Politics have long been a domain of men in Mauritania, with only a few female candidates ad elected representatives. The Secretary of State for Women in Mauritania undertook a huge campaign promoting female candidates. The 2006 elections resulted in women taking 30 per cent of seats on municipal councils and 18 per cent of seats in parliament. Through training newly elected representatives in the project regions are increasingly capable of filling their new roles and gaining acceptance. Together with legal experts, imams and health personnel, the Good Governance Programme is also sensitising on issues such as family law and the harm created through female genital mutilation (FGM) to enhance women’s access to law. A recently issued national FGM strategy is adopted at regional level. In 2010 a Fatwa against FGM was passed, which provides a basis for a national FGM draft law.

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