Economic Integration of Women in the MENA region

Women working together with men in a meeting. While countries in the MENA region have made considerable progress in the participation rates of girls and women in the formal education system, the number of women participating in the economic life is still the lowest in the world. Limited participation of women in the labor market is one of the key factors affecting the performance of national economies.

In order to improve the conditions for women’s economic empowerment in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, with the project "Economic Integration of Women in the MENA region" GIZ raises awareness of current gender inequalities in the working world and influences attitudes toward working women through a media campaign. It further supports the implementation of economic and employment policies and legislation that consider gender and promote women in collaboration with the private sector. Other activities focus on women’s economic empowerment through Gender-Sensitive Value Chain analyses on selected subsectors in economically disadvantaged rural and urban areas. During the analyses concrete measures that upgrade the value chain and that help women to adopt new and improved roles whether as business owners, farmers or workers are identified and implemented afterwards. In addition to that, GIZ promotes professional orientation of women through the set-up mentoring programs for students and young female graduates.

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