Integrating a Gender Approach into Economic and Social Policy

A couple from the back shifting a trolley together.Gender gaps and discrimination against women exist in Morocco in various fields such as literacy levels, access to the labour market, presence in decision making positions and family law. Historic processes are responsible of the systemic production and reproduction of inequalities. The Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity is leading the fight against these pervasive dynamics which hinder sustainable development and disrespect human, especially women’s rights. The GIZ-project "Integration of the gender approach in Moroccan economic and social policy" (2002 -2014) supported the Ministry to identify and measure inequalities and to develop strategies and methodologies to build equity and gender justice in government institutions as well as in the work of NGOs and the private sector. In order to enhance the political participation of women a communication and mobilization strategy was applied, which included the production of a documentary film and an exhibition of cartoons portraying the multitude of discriminatory and stereotyped experiences women face when actively engaging in politics.

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