Addressing Gender and Diversity

A predominantly female group during a learning session.While addressing gender issues in Nepal, one has to be sensitive to the diverse realities of men and women belonging to different castes, ethnic groups, linguistic, religions, remoteness background and economic strata. GIZ-Nepal is working to address gender issues as well as other forms of discrimination. GIZ supports Participatory Learning Centres (PLC) as a tool for social empowerment in rural Nepal. PLC involve the formation of a learning group and a centre where local facilitators support group discussions to prioritise their problems and develop solutions to overcome poverty and social discrimination in their communities. Due to an effective management of cooperatives by women and to increase the access of women to financial services, GIZ Nepal promotes a farmer to farmer replication strategy in which successful strategies are being duplicated. Successful cooperatives give technical assistance in establishing new cooperatives with 100 per cent women membership. This has not only increased the awareness level of women but has also changed the role of women and started to become active even in the cooperative federations and local politics.

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