Constructing Gender Equality

Even though Nicaragua has a promising political framework to strengthen gender equality, the implementation of a gender approach is weak due to a lack of technical competence. The program “Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Promotion of managerial Capacities” (MASRENACE) developed a transversal gender strategy and established an inter-institutional gender group to improve the gender know-how of the institutions involved. Both is linked to the planning and monitoring process of the program, hence, leading to the consistent integration of a gender approach. As one result, indigenous women were involved in the development planning processes and productive activities in their communities.

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Strengthening the Gender Policy of the Police

Female police officers are standing in rows together with male ones.Our programme “Governance and Local Development” is supporting the National Police of Nicaragua in the implementation and enhancement of its gender policy. The Nicaraguan Police is integrating a gender approach into its reform processes, including its institutional framework, its human resource management, its planning and implementation systems, its information system and its leadership, as well as into its services. Commissariats for women and children are specialised to serve victims of domestic and sexual violence. They cooperate with civil society organisations and other governmental actors. The approach has served as a model in Central America and the Caribbean and was awarded as the best gender policy in Latin America by the Inter American Development Bank.

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