Strengthening Women's and Girl's Rights in Northern Nigeria

In Northern Nigeria, the rights and everyday life of women and children is dominated by traditional value systems. The weak enforcement of the pluralistic legal framework of the Shariah and the Common Law puts women and children at great disadvantage in relation to their male counterparts.

GIZ-works in conjunction with civil society organizations adapting a sensitive and culturally adapted approach to initiate and promote dialogue between women, men and traditional and religious leaders as well as representatives of state administration systems and politicians. Project services include awareness raising on different aspects of gender, reproductive health, HIV/Aids and good governance, the launching of radio and TV programs as well as public events that are also geared towards men. At the same time, the project supports the capacity development of formal and non-formal structures to improve the service delivery in the areas of intervention and facilitates the revision of draft bills to orient the policy level.

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