Close the Tap on Violence against Women

Peruvian women and men working togetherBetween 30 and 50 % of the female population in Peru are affected by gender-based violence. Despite the efforts of governmental institutions and private companies to create norms and sanction acts of gender-based violence, the problem remains widespread. Gender-based violence can be generated within companies, but also may be brought into the workplace from individual homes and social surroundings. Companies can help to fight this issue by incorporating it in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.

In response to these alarming figures, the campaign Close the Tap on Violence against Women was carried out by the National Peruvian Association of Sanitation Service Providers (ANEPPSA). The idea for the campaign came from two GIZ programmes ComVoMujer (regional programme to fight violence against women in Latin America with emphasis on rural and indigenous women) and PROAGUA (drinking water and sanitary programme in Peru). Grounds for the cooperation gave an enquiry in the water supply and sanitation companies (EPS) which revealed that violence against women was considered a grave problem in the EPS that PROAGUA is working with. The campaign was a combination of various in-house measures such as workshops and a campaign on prevention and awareness, directed at the customers of the water company. The campaign consisted of distributing themed pocket calendars and adding slogans and information to the water bills. These measures were accompanied by publications and discussions on the websites of GIZ and the water company and through social networks.

Close the Tap on Violence against Women generated impressive impacts on various levels: the campaign was carried out in 17 regions, reaching 40% of Peru’s population. A regional impact was generated as the GIZ programme PROAPAC in Bolivia was inspired to implement a similar campaign.

This project was one of the top ten award winning teams of the 2012 GIZ Gender Competition.

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