Gender equality concerns all of us. Women and girls are those mostly affected by discriminations based on gender at all stages of life. But disadvantages because of gender stereotypes limit the individual and collective possibilities of everyone, men included. Consequently, men can also benefit from gender equality. It is not only because of this fact that cooperation with boys and men is of utmost importance to reach gender equality.

Empowering women and girls is one important approach to changing discriminating gender stereotypes. However, it cannot be the only one: Only together - women, men, people of all sexual orientations and gender identities - disadvantages and discriminations can be overcome in a sustainable manner. Therefore, with the GAP II, the BMZ pledges to promote gender equality by fostering the integration of male as well as female change agents and role models by 2020.

This publication presents approaches to the work with boys and men against gender based discrimination and illustrates with ten specific examples how boys and men are integrated as target groups and change agents into German governmental and non-governmental development projects for more gender equality.  

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