Improving services for female injecting drug users to prevent HIV transmission

Since 2005 GIZ supports Ukrainian stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS. A previous project especially targeted groups most at risk of HIV-infection, among them “men who have sex with men” (MSM), “female commercial sex workers” (FCSW), and “injecting drug users” (IDUs). FCSW and MSM were empowered through information about their rights, assistance in claiming these rights and reduction of self-stigmatization. The gender specific approach aimed at increasing the use of services for IDUs by women, which as a result promoted the inclusion of female IDUs in society.

As the number of infections is increasing among the general population, a current GIZ project focuses on primary prevention to increase knowledge among the population, especially among youths, about HIV/AIDS. The project also supports the improvement of gender-sensitive services for young people and groups at high risk.

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