Supporting the establishment of a shelter system for female and child victims of Gender Based Violence

The latest nationwide survey in Vietnam showed that the prevalence of Domestic Violence (DV) against women and other forms of Gender Based Violence are at an alarming level causing substantial damage to individuals, families and the society. Despite the evidence, there are hardly any services available to support victims and to prevent violence. GIZ is supporting the Center for Women and Development, a department of the Vietnam Women’s Union, who has built up the first shelter for victims of DV and Human Trafficking offering a comprehensive service package to clients in Hanoi. This successful model is now being extended to other provinces with the establishment of counseling rooms. Improved capacities of the staff in Hanoi and in the provinces, increased awareness among stakeholders, service providers and the population and a stronger advocacy along with an enhanced communication and fundraising strategy are some of the achieved results of the cooperation project.

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